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Mother Earth,
about poor Indian farmer women that succesfully recreate their nearly lost traditional way of farming (Llink)   
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Mother Earth

Holy Land Caravan,
about the yearly tour of the All Nations Café:
a strong team of Israelis, Palestinians and internationals, who work together, visit each other's homes and see themselves as part of one family.

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All Nations

The Grand Crossing,
about the yearly reunification celebrations of young ex-nomadic Peul herdsmen and their cattle at their home village in Mali

De grote Oversteek

The Last Outcry; 
about the migration of the Open Outcry system to the Screen at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (NCRVDokument).
(co. Edwin Trommelen)

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Afscheid van de Vloer

The Last Miners,
about the last miners in a former mining village in the South of The Netherlands (NCRV-Dokument).

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De laatste Kompels

Caught in Mordovia,
about a vast area of Russia that only exists of a wide variety of prison work camps. The prison guards seem just as trapped as the inmates.
(co. Edwin Trommelen)

Terug naar het Kamp

Back to the Camp,
the bizar story of a dutch girl that goes back to a labour camp in Russia where she was imprisoned for three years for drug trafficking (NCRV-Dokument).
(co. Edwin Trommelen)

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Terug naar het Kamp

Africa In the Picture
about the disaproval of African film makers at FESPACO about the way we in the West portray Africa in a negative way (IKON).

Afrika in beeld
Wheat for Fish,
a short film on the confrontation of a group of African bus tourists and the Dutch polders. (16 mm / IDFA workshop by Jan Vrijman & VPRO).
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